Jake Isaac – FOR WHEN IT HURTS (Crystal Clear Vinyl)

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Jake Isaac's new album, For When It Hurts, tackles vulnerability and toxic masculinity with soulful songwriting. The album's opening track, featuring spoken word artist Joshua Luke Smith, asks the question "How are you? No, really?" as Isaac seeks to start an honest conversation about emotions. He pours his soul into songs about love, family, and life, including a duet with Jack Savoretti on the love song When It Hurts. The album's uplifting and purposeful feel comes from Isaac's empathetic and enneagram four personality, which allows him to connect with his audience on a deeper level. The album aims to help people through tough times, reflecting Isaac's belief that home is where relationships are nurtured and affects everything in life.

“I’m a bit of an empath,” he explains; “an enneagram four. Growing up, it was: mate, why are you such a mush? I was asking questions, figuring out the pathways through my brain, and now this record is me saying: actually, this is  how a man really feels about the ebb and flow of life and relationships. The way we live outside stems from the turbulence of home, because home is where the relationships are nurtured. That’s why there are so many songs about love, and
why the album is called For When It Hurts: because when things at home are not OK, it affects everything. These are songs to help people when times are crap.
And the past few years have seen a lot of crap times.” 

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