Ch!pz - Greatest H!tz

Release: 30-06-2023

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CH!PZ is a Dutch pop music group that originated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The group was formed in 2003 and soon became one of the most well-known pop groups in the Netherlands. 

With sales exceeding 2 million singles and albums worldwide, CH!PZ has received many Gold and Platinum records. The group scored hit after hit with the singles "Cowboy", "Captain Hook", "One, Two, Three!" and of course "1001 Arabian Nights".  In total, CH!PZ accounted for about 35 international top 10 hits, of which the number one position was reached 10 times.  

In 2022, CH!PZ went viral on TikTok worldwide with "1001 Arabian Nights". The song, originally released in 2004, appeared in more than 2.6 million new videos on TikTok and, as a result, found its way back to the top spot on the Viral Charts on Spotify in Australia, Austria, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Poland. 

To celebrate 20 years of CH!PZ, their music will be released on vinyl for the very first time. Greatest H!tz is available as a limited edition of 1000 copies on orange coloured vinyl, featuring all their hits and including an insert with lyrics. 

Side A

1. 1001 Arabian Nights

2. Cowboy

3. Waikiki Beach

4. Make A Big Splash

5. Bang Bang

6. Rockstar

7. One Day When I Grow Up

8. Come To Bollywood (Boom Shakalan)

Side B

1. CH!PZ In Black (Who You Gonna Call)

2. One, Two, Three!

3. Gangstertown

4. Captain Hook

5. Kung Fu Beat

6. Studio 54

7. Carnival

8. Jungle Beat