Sound Factory release sheet

This page describes what is needed to have your release successfully published on Sound Factory.

    Step 1: Making sure your release is a part of the Bertus catalogue

    In order to sell your release via Sound Factory, it has to be entered into Bertus Distribution’s catalogue. This way the item can be procured by Sound Factory, and we’ll have the basic data such as:

    • Title
    • Format (LP/CD/Casette etc)
    • Barcode
    • PPD
    • Etc.

    (an example of this data in the screenshot below)

    If the desired release is already in our systems, we’re ready for the next step. If this is not the case, or if you’re unsure, please contact We can check for you, and connect you to our procurement department in case this is necessary.


    Step 2: Add title and product description


    Suggestion: A title should be short and to the point and be structured as follows: Artist – Title. In case the release is a special edition, or if you wish to point out one of the characteristics (i.e. colored vinyl, D2C exclusive, bundle) we specify this after the title within parentheses. Example: Silverchair – Diorama (Purple Vinyl).
    In case different formats are available for a release (CD, Vinyl, etc.) it's also a good idea to specify the format in the title.

    Product description
    Don't over-do it, ~250 words is the perfect length for a product description. Ideally the content is unique (not often used on other pages and websites) and SEO-compatible, containing the most important search words. When in doubt Google Keyword Planner is a useful tool. 

    Furthermore, mentioning unique selling points, adding a Call-To-Action, and mentioning the product title in the first scentence of your product description are great ways of increasing the (SEO-)quality.


    Step 3: Add media for the product page

    In order to make sure your release looks presentable on the product page, and optionally on the collections page, it is necessary to supply us with media that is representative of your release.

    We strongly suggest using a WebP file for the mockup/product shot with a transparent background, so that having a white border can be prevented in case a different background color is used on the product/collection page.
    Please be sure to supply us with a high quality image, we suggest a square image with a size of 1080x 1080px (max. 20mb). 

    A WebP file is not a necessity, though, as Shopify supports the following formats:

    • JPEG
    • Progressive JPEG
    • PNG
    • GIF
    • HEIC
    • WebP
    • AVIF

    All extra product shots, pack shots, and promotional images that are relevant to your release give customers more clarity to what they’re buying. If you have that kind of media you wish to add, please include it so it can be added to the product page.

    Please also supply us with the tracklist of your release(s).


    Step 4: Add media for the collections page

    In case you wish to also have a collections page made for your release(s), it will be necessary to supply us with extra media, assets, and content. Below we’ll describe the mandatory and optional assets we’ll need to create a collections page. The more assets you supply us with, the more extensive the collections page can be.

    Please note: the higher quality assets you supply us with, the nicer your collection page will look! Please make sure to send us the highest quality files available.


    • Logo (WebP/PNG file)
    • Collection title (usually artist/label name)

    Optional (but preferred)

    • Collection description
    • Artist/label bio
    • Banner images (example sizes: 1903 x 650px, 2730 px x 1226 px)
    • General/press images 
    • Videos (we use a YouTube embed, please supply us with the link and make sure the video is either public or unlisted)
    • Spotify embed (we can directly link songs, albums, or playlists from Spotify, just let us know what to embed)
    • HEX codes of preferred colors used on the collections page (if unsure we’ll find something that works)

    If there is anything else you’d like to include in the collections page, please let us know your idea! There are a lot of options for adding content in Shopify, so there’s a big chance we can make it work.


    Step 5: The end result

    With all the information you have provided we will create a product page, and optionally a collections page. Below you’ll find some links to collections pages we’ve created for other artists in the past.


    Step 6: Send all release information to Sound Factory

    Once you have all information, data and media files please send all files at once to Please note that it might be necessary to use a file transfer tool such as OneDrive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer.

    If you have any other requests, additions or questions, please also let us know through there.