Passion For Vinyl - Tales From The Groove (Book + 7 Inch)

Release: 17-11-2023

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It's quite amazing that in a world that has become increasingly digital and where ‘stuff’ has become invisible, vinyl has made such a spectacular comeback. Yet it is very likely also one of the main reasons for its resurgence. People like to collect. The physical aspect of playing a record adds to the listening experience and creates memories. An album can take you back to an important time or place. And buying a new record is a great way of supporting a favorite artist and their label. That’s also the reason why new generations of music lovers have embraced vinyl.

This new edition of Passion for Vinyl tells these stories. It’s about the records that inspire people. The way they shaped their lives. How they sparked them to pick up an instrument, become a DJ, or start a label, pressing plant or YouTube channel. Passion for Vinyl features exclusive interviews with Blue Note recording artist Gregory Porter, CEO of Linn Gilad Tiefenbrun, Bettina Richards of Thrill Jockey Records, YouTube personality Melinda Murphy, Beggars Group US president Nabil Ayers, Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records, Classic Album Sundays’ Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Liz Dunster of Erika Records, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, DJ, collector and label owner Gilles Peterson, Jenn D’Eugenio of Gold Rush Vinyl and Women in Vinyl, Bad Seed member Warren Ellis, Paulo Jr. of Sepultura, Chad Kassem of Acoustic Sounds, and many others.

This book offers close to 30 interviews with a very diverse cast of characters. They have in common a deep love of music. Passion for Vinyl shares the unique experience of making, buying, collecting and enjoying vinyl. Its purpose is to inspire. Passion for Vinyl is written by the Dutch author, music journalist, audiophile and vinyl collector Robert Haagsma.

Passion For Vinyl - Tales From The Groove is available as individually numbered book with a free 7 inch included. The 7 Inch contains two exclusive tracks by Lovemonk's Gecko Turner, and Munster Records's Los Saicos.

The 7 Inch contains two exclusive tracks from Lovemonk's Gecko Turner, and Munster Records's Los Saicos.