Passion For Vinyl - An Ode To Analog (Book + 7 Inch)

Release: 22-11-2013

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Record stores are popping up again everywhere. New vinyl pressing plants are opening in America, Europe and Asia. Young vinyl enthusiasts – both male and female! – are swarming to record fairs looking for old and new records to build their collection. When Passion for Vinyl Part 1 came out, there was still some doubt about the comeback of vinyl. Wasn’t it all just a hype? Now, five years later, even the biggest sceptic can’t deny it: vinyl is back and it’s here to stay!

In light of all these new and exciting developments, a follow-up to the successful and well-received first volume of the Passion for Vinyl book (four stars in Record Collector magazine) is more than viable. DJs, musicians, engineers, designers, shop managers, record label CEOs and collectors like Dischord’s Ian MacKaye, Norton’s Miriam Linna, singer-songwriter Ryley Walker, musician and producer T Bone Burnett, Abbey Road’s half-speed maestro Miles Showell, DJs Sven Väth and Ellen Allien, designer John Kosh and many others tell about the records that changed their lives, their love for vinyl and the impact its resurgence has had on them. Passion for Vinyl Part 2 also shows how analogue recording techniques are making a comeback in the recording and mastering studios.

In the last few years, countless music lovers have (re)discovered that nothing
beats listening to a vinyl record on a proper stereo set. It makes the listener
connect with the music like nothing else. This book is a tribute to that unique

With an introduction by Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day.

Passion For Vinyl - An Ode To Analog is available as individually numbered book with a free 7 inch included. The 7 Inch contains two exclusive tracks by Norton Records' Hasil Adkins & Bloodshot Bill, and DJ/Producer Ellen Alien.

The 7 Inch contains two exclusive tracks by Admiral Sire Cloudesley Shovell, and Rinus' Garage Feat. Triggerfinger.