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In 2022 it will be 30 years since Marcel Kapteijn and Niels Hermes as the duo TEN SHARP scored one of the biggest international hits of Dutch soil ever with "You." Before that, they had a few humble hits to their name with "Japanese Lovesong" and "When The Snow Falls." The collaboration of the two gentlemen, who had their radio debut 40 years ago with VARA's Popkrant sessions with the 5-man formation THE STREETS, delivered many 90s gems after that, such as "Rich Man", "Ain't My Beating Heart", "Dreamhome (Dream On)" and "Rumours In The City". In the zeroes, the attention for their quality pop gradually decreased. So their last album was released in 2004, but even on it there were songs that have stood the test of time well, just listen to the single "One Love" for example.The complete overview is on this brilliant colored 180 gram LP released on the occasion of 30 years of "You" and 40 years of Kapteijn and Hermes' collaboration.

This version is a signed edition of the Their Ultimate Collection LP, exclusively available at Sound Factory. Limited to 200 copies!

RELEASE DATE: November 18, 2022
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Side A

  1. You
  2. Rich Man
  3. When The Snow Falls
  4. Ain’t My Beating Heart
  5. Japanese Lovesong
  6. Lines On Your Face


Side B

  1. Rumours In The City
  2. Dreamhome (Dream On)
  3. Beautiful
  4. After All The Love Has Gone
  5. Everything
  6. Feel My Love
  7. One Love