The Jordan Bio


Nowhere Near The Sky from The Jordan is the extraordinary, game-changing debut album, from the well-known female artist from Amsterdam. It is a new chapter that comprehensively expands her story. Total candour and unvarnished truth, vocals purer and more powerful than anything she has recorded before. Trip-hop and folktronic textures that wrap her voice in magic and mystery, and songwriting that, after years of doubt and repressed feelings, finally pulls back the veil.

“Is there anything you wanna know about me?” she asks on new track What Was, Was Not. “Anything you didn’t know before?” It’s a warning as much as a question – and an accurate guide to what is to come. Listening to the record – which was produced by David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Michael Stipe, Chris Martin, The Flaming Lips, Everything Everything and more) – is like hearing someone exhale and step into the sunlight. “I started to write and it felt like I had no control over it,” she says. “This sadness, this anger, always about the same things, wanting to escape from something. Now, I just want it to be about music. I’m sick of image, marketing strategies, and business decisions. I want the music to guide me, because that comes first.”

The album sleeve is as telling as the record contained with it. She sits by an open stretch of water (a nod to the name she is now releasing music under), the scene tranquil and serene, her hair flower-free, her gaze direct. This is my truth, the image says. This is me. The real me. “I want people to feel that they’re getting the full picture now. To me, the record feels like a beautiful explosion that led to this intense creativity. You can’t hold that inside forever. So I started writing, and out it came.”