Release: 10-02-2023

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Dutch singer and songwriter Caroline Van der Leeuw is back - with a new name, a new sound, a new mission. Emphasising the depth and breadth of her artistic transformation, Nowhere Near The Sky (produced By David Kosten - Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything) is The Jordan’s extraordinary, game-changing debut album, a new chapter that comprehensively rewrites Caroline’s story as former singer of Dutch pop group Caro Emerald. Gone is the jazz, the swing, the Latin rhythms, the rockabilly, the heavily stylised wardrobe. In their place: total candour and unvarnished truth, vocals purer and more powerful than anything she has recorded before, trip-hop and folktronic textures that wrap her voice in magic and mystery, and songwriting that, after years of doubt and repressed feelings, finally pulls back the veil.


RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2023
All pre-orders will be shipped several days before the official release date.  


  • Transparent turquoise coloured vinyl, exclusively available via The Jordan Store
  • Signed insert included
  • Gatefold Sleeve

Side A
1. The Room
2. What Was, Was Not
3. Naked in the Sun
4. Best Damn Day
5. Temptation
6. Memento
7. I'm Not Sorry

Side B
8. You Don't Even Know Me
9. Waste Me
10. Someone New
11. Nothing New (ft. Koen De Witte)
12. You Will Never Make Me Cry Again
13. A Price to Pay
14. Catwalk
15. Mmm